6 benefits of Wool Felt Underlay

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Wool Felt Underlay is a traditional carpet underlay and is made from wool, hence the name! Wool Felt is one of the cheapest options for Carpet Underlay; therefore, most people tend to assume it isn't that good quality. However, this is not true; just because Wool Felt is a cheaper option doesn't mean it is bad quality; in fact, there are many benefits to choosing Wool Felt, and it is an excellent option if you're trying to stick to a budget! 


So, what are the benefits, you might be wondering? 


It's eco-friendly 


Well, here at Buy Carpet Underlay, we would say the main benefit of Wool Underlay is that it is environmentally friendly! 


Felt underlay is made from 100% recycled textile fibres such as jute, wool and other recycled fibres, including old clothes, fabric bags and more. Once it has served its purpose as an Underlay, it can then be recycled again and used/remade for a different purpose, meaning that no waste gets sent to landfill whatsoever! This makes it the perfect option for you if you're looking to update your home whilst also doing your bit for the environment. 



It is hardwearing 


Wool Underlays are also very hardwearing. Unlike many rubber-based underlays, wool underlay is much less likely to crumble under pressure from heavy furniture and will remain stable and in excellent condition for many years to come. Because of this, it is widely used in commercial installations, but it is also perfect for use in a domestic setting for the very same reason. 


Provides excellent thermal insulation 


Due to the natural properties of wool, a wool underlay is a perfect option for those wanting increased thermal insulation. It reduces the amount of heat that can escape through your chosen floor and, as a result, will significantly improve the comfort and warmth of your home. This will also essentially save you money in the long run, as it can actually help reduce your energy bills.


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Effective sound reduction 


An additional benefit of wool underlay is that it offers sound reduction. Depending on the thickness chosen, wool carpet underlay can successfully reduce impact and airborne noise by up to 37dB, creating a much quieter environment in your home. 


Underfoot comfort 


Another benefit of wool underlay is that it can increase underfoot comfort, making your carpets much softer to walk on. It has a comfort rating of 3 to 4+ (depending on the underlay thickness), which means it is an excellent choice for areas that require comfort and will make your carpets feel cushioned and luxurious. 




As mentioned, despite its exceptional qualities, wool underlay is actually one of the cheapest underlays on the market. Here at Buy Carpet Underlay, you can get an entire roll for just £42.95. This makes it the perfect option for those on a budget that are still wanting a high-quality underlay. 



Get in touch!


If you've taken all this information in and you're still contemplating whether to purchase a wool underlay over the alternatives, you're more than welcome to get in touch! Here at Buy Carpet Underlay, we have a team full of underlay experts who are more than happy to help and offer their valuable advice. To get in touch, you can ring us on 01924 457979, or you can send us an email at sales@buy-carpet-underlay.co.uk.

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