Step by Step Guide to Installing Carpet Underlay

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Just bought a luxurious new carpet and some quality underlay to lay beneath it, and since lockdown turned you into a DIY-enthusiast, you're going to have a go at installing it yourself? Here at Buy Carpet Underlay, we're here to help you every step of the way. Carpet underlay is relatively easy to fit anyway, so follow our step by step guide, and you'll be installing underlay like a professional!


Carefully measure the room


The first step of the installation process is to measure the room where your underlay will be installed carefully and accurately. You need to establish the room's length and width and multiply the two together to find out the surface area. The easiest way to get started with this is to draw a simple diagram of the room, noting each measurement as you go. It is recommended that you repeat this process once more to make sure your measurements are all correct before you buy your underlay, as the last thing you want to do is buy too much or too little.



Choose your underlay


Now you know how much underlay you're going to need, the next step is to choose which type you will buy. There are several different types of carpet underlay you can choose from; here at Buy Carpet Underlay, we sell PU foam, crumb rubber, wool felt, double-stick and combination felt and rubber. All these underlays are designed to do the same thing; however, they all have their different properties, and it is essential you pick the right one for your own needs.


Prepare your subfloor


The next step is preparation, and it is quite possibly the most important out of them all. Before you begin to lay your underlay, you need to ensure the subfloor is clean and tidy. First, sweep away any staples, nails or other things that might be leftover from your previous floor or carpet. Next, finish off by hoovering any leftover grit or dust so that your floor is immaculate, ready for your new underlay to be installed.


Lay your underlay


Now your subfloor is prepared, you're ready to lay your underlay! To start, take the first roll of underlay and position it on one side of your room, rolling it out until it reaches the other side, and be sure to do this rubber or foam-side down. It's best to keep the underlay as bump-free and straight as possible so that it doesn't then create bumps in your new carpet. You can achieve this by stapling inside the gripper or by using an effective adhesive. It is also essential each roll of underlay is laid in the same way, and the rows are put together as closely as possible, however making sure they don't overlap. You will then need to cut around any recesses or doorways in your room with a utility knife, and you're good to go!


Time for the finishing touches!


Once you've laid your underlay and the entire floor is covered, it's time to apply tape along each join in the underlay; this will prevent it from moving once your carpet is installed. You should also trim away any leftover underlay inside the grippers; however, make sure to take your time with this and make the cuts as straight as possible for a professional finish!


Need further assistance? Get in touch!


If you're unsure about any of these steps or need advice on what underlay to purchase, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Our team are always happy to help, and you can call us on 01924 45 79 79 or send us an email at

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