Wood & Laminate Underlay

Most people don't realise that to install laminate and wood flooring; you will need to use underlay. If your flooring comes with built-in underlay, great. You can skip this section. If it doesn't, you will need to choose an underlay for your flooring. Why? Because wood and laminate flooring is effectively a floating floor and without underlay, it will be noisy, cold and easily damaged when putting furniture or walking on it.

Let's be honest, if you are about to lay new flooring, you won't want to skimp on the underlay, or it will not last, and if you don't use underlay, you may void your warranty for your new floor. So this is something essential to consider.

At Buy Carpet Underlay, we have a massive choice of underlay perfect for your wood or laminate floor project. Our favourite and our bestseller, by far, is the 5mm Sonic Gold underlay which you can use for underfloor heating systems.