Below are listed the reasons why underlay is so important;


First of all the underlay protects your and prolongs the life of your carpet, without the underlay your carpet would eventually deteriorate.

Sound Proofing

Your underlay will dramatically reduce airborne noise as well as impact noise from below or above. Certainly a must with noisy kids or those noisy folk upstairs.

Heat Insulating

All types of underlay have heat insulating qualities, some more than others. The best for heat insulating is the wool rich underlay as wool is the most insulating fibre on the planet. Acting as a barrier it stops heat escaping which helps you save with heating bills.


A quality underlay makes a huge difference to the feel of your carpet when walking on it. Without underlay it will feel hard and quite uncomfortable.

Dust Movement

Underlay helps reduce airflow under the carpet so therefore will help reduce dust movement.

Carpet Fitting

Most carpets are now fitted by a method called ‘stretch fitted’. This is where your carpet is stretched onto the carpet grippers. The underlay helps even out the surface of your sub floor.

Furniture Markings

An underlay supports the structure of a carpet and helps prevent markings or any damages made by furniture.

How do I work out how many m2 I need?

To work out how much underlay you need, measure the length and width of your room then multiply the two measurements together. Just make sure your working in metres. So if your room is 3m by 4.2m you would need to cover 12.6m2.

Are your rolls first quality?

Absolutely, all our rolls are top grade first quality. We do not sell ‘b’ grade rolls.

I need help deciding which underlay to buy

We recommend Plushwalk 12mm underlay because it features the latest technology using memory foam - this gives a luxurious softness feeling underfoot.

Plushwalk also comes with a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) and is also designed to help withstand furniture indentation marks.

Carpet manufacturers such as Axminster Carpetsand Brintons Carpetscan sometimes also recommend a Wool Underlay because they give higher Thermal Insulation properties, but we prefer Plushwalk underlays as they feel great to walk on.

Why are carpet fitters telling me wool felt underlays are rubbish?

Traditional felt underlays were made from hessian/jute fibres which flatten almost instantly after being walked over. Carpet fitters disapprove of the old Felt Underlay since they are extremely hard to cut and heavier Wool underlays. However Wilsons Wool underlays do not flatten and give superb heat insulation (TOG) properties.

Which is the best underlay for underfloor heating?

ThermalStream 10mm thick is the best underlay for underfloor heating. It features memory foam to give your carpets the best softness underfoot and it features punched holes to allow a quick heat transfer to your carpet. It has low Thermal properties (1.1 TOG) this allows the heat to flow up into the carpet.

Which underlay should I buy for heat insulation?

The best underlay for heat insulation would be a wool felt underlay which is Multi Rich 56oz it has a thickness of 15mm. Wool is a fantastic insulator (just like wool scarves and wool covers).

Which is the best underlay for sound proofing properties?

The best underlay for sound proofing would be the Royal Supreme with a 48db reduction. This underlay is very heavy, so we advise caution when fitting.

I want my carpet to feel soft underfoot, which should I buy?

Plushwalk 12mm is the best out there to date. Using memory foam, it blows away all other foam underlays by giving a luxury soft feel when walked on.

Which underlay should I buy for a cold conrete floor?

Definitely Multi-Rich 56oz proves the best underlay for heat insulation (high TOG rating) and is agile enough to fill in uneven surfaces that sometimes come with having a concrete floor. Plus it traps heat in the room leaving it nice and warm.

Is there an underlay recommended for stairs?

The slightly thinner underlays are better for the stairs as they are more agile to work with but you also need to make sure they are still hard wearing. The two best underlays would be Plushwalk 10mm or Plushwalk 8mm

I have uneven wood floorboards, which would be the best underlay?

The Multi-Rich 56oz would be the best choice as its thick but also made out of a natural fibre so has the ability to fill in any uneven surfaces.

I do not need a large amount of underlay, do you sell small rolls?

Yes we offer half and mini rolls on all our underlays. You can select these by going onto the drop down box and selecting the desired size.