Bruce Starke Fairisle Barrier Matting - Brown - 2m width

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As much as you're looking forward to opening your door, it's no problem if you want Bruce Starke's Fairisle Barrier Matting in Anthracite. This mat welcomes all mess at the entrance with its triple ribbed surface-it not only looks smart but is designed to scrape dirt and wipe moisture. Debris and moisture are captured in the ridges so vacuuming is an easy task. Not only does this mat hold up under heavy-duty use, but it also comes backed with latex and gel foam for dimensional stability and a pile height of 5.5mm! Watch out, tile flooring...

Please note the RIBS run along the length of the Matting on both the 1Mtr and 2Mtr wide rolls of Barrier Matting.

Type: Entrance Matting
Suitability: Contract/Domestic
Application: Lay Latex Duo Backing side down
Colour: Brown
Thickness: 8.5mm