Cloud 9 Charleston Carpet Underlay 11mm

Cloud 9 Charleston Carpet Underlay 11mm

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11mm thick underlay with all the benefits of a Cloud 9 product. Living or working on carpets shouldn't be too high a price to pay when you can soften your flooring and buffer sounds for increased comfort. The thick PU creates extra sound insulation so your neighbours won't be disturbed by squeaking footsteps anymore!. It great for;

  • Sound absorption and Thermal insulation
  • a stretch fit (to prevent overstretching)
  • antimicrobial technology to protect against fungi and bacteria
  • Give high levels of comfort underfoot.
  • environmentally friendly and high-quality materials

It is also incredibly easy to handle and install and will help to maintain the overall quality of your carpet – making it look and feel better, for much longer.

Looking For The Best Carpet Underlay?

Look at Plushwalk 12mm underlay uses memory foam

Type: PU Foam
Suitability: Luxury Domestic
Application: Lay Flat down, paper backing face upwards, use adhesive spray in the corners and tape the joins with Wilsons Bonding Tape 
Thickness: 11mm
Tog Rated: 2.9 Tog
Impact Sound Reduction: 42dB
Manufacturers Guarantee: Lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended areas
Comfort Rating: 5