Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm Underlay

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The Cloud 9 Cirrus underlay should be your go-to for all rooms of the house. It’s not a shabby product that takes a lot of investment to get what you want in return. In fact, the makers themselves would say it’s a quick and easy way to bring some style and pizzazz into any room, fast!


Type: PU Foam

Suitability: Domestic

Application: Lay Flat down, paper backing face upwards, can be used with Single-Sided Waterproof Gaffer / Duct Tape Roll Size: 15.07m2 (11m x 1.37m)

Thickness: 9mm

Tog Rated: 2.6

Impact Sound Reduction: 39dB

Manufacturers Guarantee: Lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended areas

BedroomGeneral UseStairs