Cloud 9 Nimbus Underlay

Cloud 9 Nimbus Underlay

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For the discerning carpet, you'll want to give your flooring that luxury feel underfoot. CLOUD 9 NIMBUS is manufactured by Ball & Young and is a 7mm thick PU Foam Underlay giving your floor superb soundproofing & insulation but more importantly, it gives ANY carpet that luxurious feeling underfoot! 

It's suitable for all types of floors including wood, concrete, asphalt etc so get in touch today and we'll be happy to help.

Tip: Tape the joins with Wilsons Carpet Underlay Bonding Tape 


Price: £42.99 inc VAT (slightly cheaper than any other properties on the market!)

Thickness: 7mm

Full Roll Size: 11m x 1. 37 metres = 15sq. metres

Tog Rating: 1.9