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The Tredaire King Carpet Underlay is a sponge rubber underlay that can be installed in any room in the home but is best fitted to those with underfloor heating. The Tredaire King has a low tog underlay, hence why it’s ideal for underfloor heating, providing additional warmth and comfort. As a heat conductor, the Tredaire King carpet underlay is perfect for making your home more energy-efficient, ultimately reducing the cost of your energy bills. Tredaire underlay is designed to protect your carpet from being damaged, and prolong the life of your carpet!

Roll Size: 10.96m2 (1.33m x 8.24m)
Thickness: 8.3mm
Weight: 4238g/m2 (125oz/yd2)
Tog Rated: 0.80
Manufacturers Guarantee: Serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in the recommended areas
Comfort Rating: 4
Application: Tape the joins with Wilsons Bonding Tape