Fibreboard Underlay 7mm

Fibreboard Underlay 7mm

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The Fibreboard Underlay 7mm offers a subtle solution to uneven flooring by providing an easy and appropriate solution for old floors and new ones. The fibres of this are environmentally friendly, while giving way to a sturdy and durable product.

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Type: Wood & Laminate Underlay
Suitability: Domestic
Application: Lay the fibreboard sheets in a staggered formation, then your laminate or wooden flooring on top (when fitting fibreboards it is essential that an expansion gap of 2mm is left between each panel, as well as an expansion gap of 8-10mm from the wall/skirting board)
Pack Size: 7m2
Thickness: 7mm
dB Rating: 26dB approx
Manufacturers Guarantee: see terms & conditions
Comfort Rating: 3

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