Roma Carpet Underlay Underfloor Heating

Roma Carpet Underlay Underfloor Heating

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Roma Carpet Underlay is a durable cellular rubber underlay designed for carpet underfloor heating systems. It not only offers comfort and protection to your carpet, but the heat conducted can quickly warm up floors in chillier areas, such as on stairs or in areas of high traffic. With sound absorbance that makes Roma an excellent choice as well, this heating system should be considered by those looking for extra protection along with convenience overall!

Looking For The Best Underfloor Heating Underlay?

Look at ThermalStream which is 10mm Thick

Type: Sponge Rubber
Suitability: Domestic/Contract
Application: Lay rubber side face down, backing side facing upwards, use Spray adhesive to stick corners down and Wilsons Bonding Tape to join the seams.
Roll Size: 10m2 (7.3m x 1.37m)
Thickness: 7mm
Tog Rated: 0.8
Impact Sound Reduction: 33dB
Manufacturers Guarantee: Serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in the recommended areas
Comfort Rating: 3