Unrolling the underside of Novostrat Comfort Gold Laminate Underlay

Sonic Gold Foil 5mm Wood / Laminate Underlay

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It's not easy getting your floors down, right? and could you imagine the hassle if you had to replace them? With the Royale Gold Foam underlay it'll be a snap. It comes in 5mm thickness for wood or laminate flooring with an integrated gold foil moisture barrier that helps protect against water damage as well as noises. Made from P.E. foam - which is recyclable- this product will help keep your home sounding like a palace of royalty and standing up to any wear and tear thrown at it.

If you want your floors to feel like they're worth their weight in gold (without paying out the nose) then snap up this 5mm thick Sonic Gold Underlay!


Looking For The Best Underlay?
Royale Professional Gold 7mm has higher sound insulation properties.

Type: Wood & Laminate Underlay
Suitability: Domestic
Application: Lay flat, gold side facing downwards. Use in conjunction with Barrier Pro X tape to prevent underlay movement and create a moisture barrier which eliminates the need for a separate individual damp proof membrane.
Roll Size: 15m2 (1m x 15m)
Thickness: 5mm
Tog Rated: 0.7 approx.
Impact Sound Reduction: 24dB approx

Ideal for use in: