Royale 'Prestige' Carpet Gripper Rods - 60ft Pack (18metres)

Royale 'Prestige' Carpet Gripper Rods - 60ft Pack (18metres)

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The Royale Prestige Carpet Gripper Rods are the highest quality wood grippers on the market. They are pre-nailed with specially tempered nails (threaded for holding power) and pre-driven into the gripper.

They can be used on any floor type - Wood or Concrete. It's suitable for all the underlays we sell on this website. Many of our customers use this carpet gripper with Plushwalk Underlay.

Type: Wood Or Concrete Floors Gripper
Suitability: Domestic/Contract
Application: Nail gripper approximately 6mm away from the face of the skirting so that the carpet can be tucked into the gap between the gripper and skirting board.
Pack Size: 60ft (18metres)
Gripper Length Size: 76cm
No. Lengths: 24 pieces