ThermalStream 10mm Underfloor Heating Carpet Underlay

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ThermalStream is a 10mm thick underlay which is the best underlay for underfloor heating. It has punched holes. This makes heat transfer between the floor and your carpet quicker, meaning that you can have warm carpets much faster than with other underlays. The holes also give it a fantastic feel underfoot, unlike rubber underlays which tend to be thin and give little softness when walking on them. ThermalStream is made from fire retardant materials in order to meet safety standards.

It's a thumbs up for this from Buy Carpet Underlay!

Type:  Foam
Suitability: Domestic/Contract
Application: Lay Logo Face up
Thickness: 10mm
TOG: 0.8
Sound: 46dB
Manufacturers Guarantee: Serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in the recommended areas
Comfort Rating: 5