2mm White Underlay For Wood or Laminate Flooring

2mm White Underlay For Wood or Laminate Flooring

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Acoustic White 2mm density underlay is ideal for wood or laminate floors where a simple but protective underlay is required. Produced using a closed-cell polyethylene foam, this underlay provides great support for your wood or laminate flooring, acoustic insulation and the ability to accommodate minor imperfections in the sub-floor area. We also want you to know that we use unbleached packaging products with no formaldehyde binders so when it comes time to store away our unused material it will be easy on both you and the environment.

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Fitting Requirements
You will need Barrier Pro X Tape to secure underlay joins and prevent underlay movement. Failure to do so may cause the moisture barrier membrane in the underlay to fail and cause ridges at the seams of the underlay which will invalidate it's warranty. Do not use similar tapes that aren't designed for use on Royale products.

Type: Wood & Laminate Underlay
Suitability: Domestic
Application: Lay flat. Use in conjunction with Barrier Pro X tape.
Roll Size: 15m2 (1m x 15m)
Thickness: 2mm

Ideal for use in: