Bruce Starke Fairisle Barrier Matting - Anthracite - 2m width

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Bruce Starke's Fairisle Barrier Matting is a flooring contractors' ultimate choice in matting. You receive a mat that not only looks professional but also has the ability to scrape dirt and moisture from shoes before it deposits them on your white carpet. Dirt is captured with ease and can be vacuumed up without much hassle. The three ribbed surfaces are durable and will last your heavy traffic area for many years. This new latex backed fibre pile requires minimal care as you can put this in the washing machine without hassle!


Please note the RIBS run along the length of the Matting on both the 1Mtr and 2Mtr wide rolls of Barrier Matting.

Type: Entrance Matting
Suitability: Contract/Domestic
Application: Lay Latex Duo Backing side down
Colour: Anthracite
Thickness: 8.5mm