Bruce Starke Fairisle Barrier Matting - Beige - 2m width

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Having trouble at your entrance? Bruce Starke's Fairisle Barrier Matting is a great all-around solution. Not only does it serve to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides protection from tough elements like dirt and water so you can breeze through in comfort. With polypropylene construction for durability and long-lasting use, you'll know that installing this mat will last for many years to come. Give your home the best first impression possible with Bruce Starke's Fairisle Barrier Matting - Anthracite - 2m width!


Please note the RIBS run along the length of the Matting on both the 1Mtr and 2Mtr wide rolls of Barrier Matting.

Type: Entrance Matting
Suitability: Contract/Domestic
Application: Lay Latex Duo Backing side down
Colour: Beige
Roll Size: 2m x 12m (length)
Thickness: 8.5mm