Cloud 9 Cush n Wood Underlay

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 The Cloud 9 Cush n Wood Underlay is a practical purchase that will save you time and energy because it offers exceptional sound reduction. We’ve got an eye for details here, especially when it comes to keeping volumes at a minimum.

The Cloud 9 Cush n Wood underlay originates from the best-selling range of Ball & Young Ltd., so if you need your laminate to retain its quality, this is the product for you!

Type: Wood & Laminate Underlay
Suitability: Domestic
Application: Lay Flat down, writing face upwards, overlapping the moisture lock system. Tape the joins with Wilsons Bonding Tape 
Roll Size: 15.07m2 (11m x 1.37m)
Thickness: 4mm
Tog Rated: 1.1
Impact Sound Reduction: 25dB
Manufacturers Guarantee: Lifetime of the laminate flooring (When used in recommended areas)
Comfort Rating: 3