Do I need to buy new Carpet Underlay every time I purchase a new carpet?

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So, you've just decided to upgrade your old carpets to luxurious new ones, and you're wondering whether you need to spend any extra buying new carpet underlay too? We get asked this a lot here at Buy Carpet Underlay, and the answer is yes! Ideally, you should invest in new carpet underlay almost every time you buy a new carpet unless the one you already have is less than a year old, as the older they get, the less effective they become. I know when you've just forked out for a new carpet, it may seem like an unnecessary cost; however, the benefits certainly do outweigh this.




Carpet Lifespan


One of the main benefits of investing in new carpet underlay is that it increases your carpet's lifespan. High-quality underlay prevents your carpet from flattening, making it look newer for longer! It also protects your carpet from general wear and tear, as the extra layer acts as a shock absorber and can prolong the lifespan of your carpet by up to 50%.




Carpet underlay is known for storing a lot of dirt and dust, which is another reason we recommend replacing your underlay when you buy a new carpet. By replacing your old underlay, you're essentially freshening up your room and keeping it clean and hygienic.


Noise Reduction


Yet another reason to purchase new underlay with your new carpet is that it provides noise reduction! This is because the new underlay's plush nature acts as a sound barrier, resulting in both impact and airborne noises being reduced, creating a much quieter and relaxed atmosphere in your home.


Energy Bills


An additional benefit of new underlay, and possibly the most attractive, is that it can actually help reduce your energy bills! How this works is, effectively, underlay acts as an extra layer to your carpet, helping trap in any heat. You can also purchase specific underlays designed to provide thermal insulation, and they can reduce energy costs by up to 15%. So, while you might have been thinking that underlay is an extra expense, in reality, it is actually saving you money in the long run!




Overall Finish


As well as all these excellent benefits we've just talked you through, underlay can also significantly improve the overall finish of your carpet, giving it a fresh new look and feel. Underlay adds an extra layer of cushioning, giving your carpet a soft and cosy feeling while increasing underfoot comfort.


Get In Touch!


If you've taken all this information in and you're still contemplating whether to purchase new underlay with your fresh carpet, you're more than welcome to get in touch! Here at Buy Carpet Underlay, we have a team full of underlay experts who are more than happy to help and offer you valuable advice, whether that be helping you decide whether to purchase underlay or which type to choose. To get in touch, you can ring us on 01924 457979, or you can send us an email at


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